With the entry of cosmetics manufacturer Amorepacific in the US market, Americans can now enjoy the tremendous benefits of Asian botanicals. These products were so far in great demand in Asian countries. Made entirely of natural ingredients, these beauty care products contain pure green tea, bamboo sap and the rare red ginseng.

Product Highlights
a. Their products are made using Korean green tea, bamboo and red ginseng.
b. The green tea is specially grown in a farm at the foot of the Halla Mountain on Jeju Island where there is abundance of fresh water and the soil is volcanic.
c. These products penetrate into the deepest layer of the skin and rejuvenates the cells.
d. This company's R&D department, which constantly tests Asian botanical products for skin care, is the largest among other cosmetic companies.
e. Their best product is the anti-aging Time Response Skin Renewal Crème which costs $400.
f. Their products are comparatively more expensive but extremely effective.