Mascara is one of the essential items in a woman's cosmetic shelf. But, the use of mascaras might not be that safe and could cause eye infection. Recent tests have shown that two brands of mascara contain excessive amounts of bacteria. This was announced by the Consumer Council after tests were conducted on 40 types of popular mascaras. It is not yet known if the tainted mascaras have been withdrawn from the market or not.

Test Findings
a. Two brands of mascara were found to contain contained bacteria, which was 150 times above the permitted level.
b. The brands have been identified as Rainbow Volume and Curling Mascara and Cosline Croan Eyelash Mascara.
c. In addition, 530 colony forming unit per gram and 4,100 colony forming unit per gram of molds and yeast were also found in Rainbow and Cosline Croan mascaras respectively.
d. These mascaras contained a bacterial count of 78,000 colony forming unit per gram.
e. But they passed the heavy metals test.
f. These are manufactured in South Korea .

a. Rainbow Volume and Curling Mascara: HK$19
b. Cosline Croan Eyelash Mascara: HK$22