Every grocery store and pharmacy store is flooded with bottled beverages that claim to offer both health and beauty benefits. The ingredient list, mentioned on these beverage bottles include herbs, antioxidants and vitamins. However many experts have disapproved the benefits of these drinks and according to them, these beverages are worthless. But still, there is differing opinion, with many drinkers confirming the benefits. Few of these beverages along with their properties are mentioned below.

OGO Oxygen Water
a. It is natural spring water, which increases body's oxygen levels, thus aiding to detoxify the body.
b. The water has about 35-times more oxygen than normal water.
c. Costs $2.99 per bottle; buy at www.ogolife.com

Airforce Nutrisoda Radiant
a. Reduces appearance of wrinkles, by maintaining skin elasticity. Nourishes skin and lowers the damage caused by pollution.
b. It is made up of ingredients like Amino-acids, Vitamin D, alpha lipoic acid and green tea.
c. Costs $2 per can; buy at www.nutrisoda.com

Borba Clarifying Skin Balance Water
a. It eliminates all the impurities in skin pores, thus softening, and reducing blemishes and adding glow to the skin.
b. Costs $2.5 per bottle, buy at www.borba.net

Pom Tea drink
a. It nullifies the damage caused by free-radicals and is good for heart's health.
b. Costs $2.99 per drink; buy at www.pomwonderful.com