aging-legs-lotions.jpg Lois Joy Johnson, beauty and fashion director at a lifestyle magazine for women over 40, has put down a few creams and lotions to get rid of the visible signs of aging legs

a. The usage of 'Yves Saint Laurent Profil Minceur' ($59) gel daily in the the morning will relieve your legs from swelling and make inner thighs and knees more firm in a few weeks.
b. Thomas Roth's AHA 12 percent Body Lotion ($44) is a prefered on women who want to smoothen rough and dry legs.
c. The application of the lotion with the key ingredient hydroquinone Lumedia ($90) twice daily will substantially lighten freckles.
d. N.V. Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid Spider-Vein Leg ($120) is said to be the best lotion to combat spider veins by restoring collagen. For better results it has to be applied twice a day.