Whether it is skin cancer, early aging or wrinkles, they all can be attributed to Sun's harmful rays. To shield from this, here are few reliable and effective sunscreens which are available in department stores, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Bobbi Brown beach sunscreen body spray SPF15
a. The sunscreen come in a spray on and contains grapeseed olive and castor oil.
b. The sunscreen is water resistant and is idle for seaside days.
b. Costs $65 for 200ml

Estee Lauder sun performance sun care anti-aging lotion for body SPF30
a. Made out of ASP ( anti spot protection ) technology
b. Safeguards skin from Sun's UVA and UVB rays.
b. Reduced appearance of pigmentation and aids fighting free radicals.
c. Costs $50 for 150ml

Clarins sun control cream SPF30
a. Besides shielding skin for UVA and UVB rays, it prevents protein complex that stops the synthesis of collagen, that is prime cause of aging.
b. Offers very high protection for sun-sensitive skin
c. Costs $48 for 75ml

Clinique sun-care lip/eye stick SPF30
a. Protects from UVA/UVB rays including lips.
c. It has 4 kinds of sunscreen that are water proof.
b. Costs $38 for 6g stick

L'Oreal solar expertise active anti-wrinkle anti-brown spot sun cream SPF50
a. Prevents premature aging and brown spots. The sunscreen is water resistant.
b. Costs $22.50 for 75ml
c. Perfect for face, chest and hands.

Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock SPF30
a. Comes as a dry-touch composition, which is ideal for under-makeup.
b. Non greasy and non shiny finish.
c. Costs $19.95 for 88ml