capsiderm.jpg Pepper for eternal youth? Sounds crazy, all right. But a small homeopathic pharmaceutical company in upstate New York swears by this. SiCap Industries has used pepper extracts to create Capsiderm. Though it may sound painful, a person using Capsiderm can feel only a refreshing tingle on this skin. SiCap claims that Capsiderm rejuvenates the skin and reduces wrinkles. People are queuing up to buy this product and there is a long waiting list.

Product Benefits
a. This is the world's first facial and body skin treatment using extracts from hot peppers.
b. This comes in the form of a liquid soap.
c. This product is extremely soothing and does not burn the skin.
d. It stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin.
e. It can be used for topical pain relief.
f. It makes the skin look and feel younger.
g. It rejuvenates the skin, reduces wrinkles and depletes bacteria responsible for topical skin infections.
h. Besides capsaicin pepper extracts, this product also contains green tea, rosemary, pine needle oil and other medicinal herbals.
i. The base of this product is a special African black soap that's made in a tribal village located in Togoland, Africa , by boiling the natural skins of Plantain, Coconuts and Shea nuts over an open fire.
i. It is a handmade product.
j. It costs $29.99 and to receive a product sample click here