clarins-expertise-3p-screen-mist.jpg Clarins, cosmetic company, has recently introduced the Expertise 3P Screen Mist. It is a revolutionary new product that prevents pollution and the electro-magnetic radiation caused by laptops and mobile phone wrecking havoc on the skin. Radiation and pollution are two causes of premature aging.

Product Benefits
a. The screen mist prevents premature aging.
b. The mist acts as a shield from electro-magnetic radiation.
c. It contains an anti-pollution agent.
d. It retains youth, beauty and health of skin.
e. It protects the skin against stress.
f. The ingredients of the screen mist are extracts of Thermus Thermophillus and Rhodiola Rosea plants.
g. The product is to be sprayed on the face any time of the day and is compatible with make-up and other skin care products.
h. The Clarins Expertise 3P screen mist is sold at a retail price of about $40 - Click here to buy online