Clinique seems to have landed itself in the middle of a debate regarding the association of medicine with cosmetics by affiliating itself with a medical school. It has donated $4.75 million for Cornell University's Weill Medical College's new wellness center. This has led to a raging debate whether the medical fraternity should closely work with a cosmetics company. Some feel that it diminishes the stature of a registered dermatologist. However, it is a common practice for cosmetics companies to hire dermatologists to give scientific credibility to their products. Dr. Richard D. Granstein, chairman of the dermatology department at Weill Cornell, has stated that this center is not a Clinique outlet and it will be used just for medical research.

Program Highlights
a. It has sponsored a new wellness center at Cornell University's Weill Medical College.
b. This center will be devoted to medical research and one of its aims is to build a clinic within the dermatology department of the institute.
c. Clinique put up $4.75 million to build this new center and an anonymous donor gave $2.25.
d. Patients will benefit from advice given by the doctors on how to prevent skin cancer and maintain skin health besides performing skin examination.
e. Clinique representatives will be available to give tips on makeup to hide skin blemishes.
f. Institute doctors claim that the center will not in any way be associated with the cosmetics industry.