anew-clinical-dermabrasion-system.jpg A controversy about its latest face cream has forced cosmetics firm Avon to withdraw claims that their product can prevent ageing and reduce fine lines. Advertising watchdogs in UK have forced the company to drop a number of promises at the center of a television campaign to publicize their new four-step skin cream.

Highlights of the Advertising Standards Authority ruling
a. A TV commercial for this product promised that the first two levels would deliver an improvement in skin texture and a brighter tone.
b. Level three is said to make 'fine lines fade'.
c. The commercial said that clinical tests demonstrated '100 per cent of women showed improved clarity' at Level four.
d. However, the firm could not substantiate its claim that the product delivers a long-lasting physical change.
e. It has been alleged that the evidence given by Avon did not justify the claim that its Anew Clinical Advanced Dermabrasion System makes lines fade.

$28.00 for a 75ml tube. The product has 4 star ratings for many customers on the on the company's website.