lipstick-lead-risks.jpg In a recent survey conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, it was seen that many lipsticks contain varying degrees of the toxic lead. However, some cosmetic companies have contradicted this report by saying that the levels of lead is well below the permitted level and also that lead is never put intentionally in lipsticks. The FDA has now said to look into the claims made by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Survey Highlights
a. 33-lipsticks were sent to a laboratory for testing.
b. It was also found that the level of lead was higher in L'Oreal, Cover Girl and Christian Dior products.
c. The Food and Drug Administration announced that it will investigate lipstick brands that are said to contain dangerous levels of lead.
d. None of the offending brands listed lead as an ingredient.

Risks of Lead in Lipsticks
a. Lead is a highly toxic substance.
b. It is said to be carcinogenic.
c. People exposed to low levels of lead daily faces a higher health hazard.
d. Lead in higher doses can cause learning and behavioral problems in children.
e. It can cause miscarriages and allergies among other problems in adults.