environmentally-friendly-cosmetic-products.jpg In today's world it is fashionable to be environmentally friendly. Keeping up with this trend, more and more cosmetic companies are trying to project themselves as 'green' companies. They are using more botanical ingredients and re-usuable packaging. Though it is not possible to be 100 per cent environment friendly, each company is doing whatever they can to contribute their bit.

Environmentally friendly Cosmetic products

a. They have packaged their Light The Way Earth Month Candle using leftovers or discarded print runs.
b. The printing on the carton is done with soy ink.
c. It uses almost 55 per cent recycled paper.
d. All proceeds from the sale of the candle is given to Global Greengrants' water-related projects.
e. The wax is made from soy which burns in a clean manner.
f. The glass container holding the candle is 95 per cent recycled glass.
g. Organic Bulgarian lavender oil is used to provide the fragrance.

Shape magazine
a. Each issue is printed on about 925,000 pounds of post-consumer waste.
b. This is about one-third of the whole magazine.

Fifth Avenue salon
a. Owner Ted Gibson enrolled his salon in Con Edison Solutions Green Power last year.
b. Con Edison Solutions Green Power is a provider of alternative energy, ie, wind and hydropower.
c. This has helped Gibson to reduce his salon's energy consumption.
d. Gibson has donated $5,000 to Carbonfund.Organisation which will plant 650 trees in northern Manhattan with this money.

a. This company's Primordiale Cell Defense Double Performance Cell Defense and Skin Perfecting Serum is made up of natural ingredients.
b. This product is for protection against environmental effects on skin.
c. It will be launched in June 2007.
d. Lancome plans to plant a tree for each of the first 10,000 bottles of the product that is sold.
e. The launch of this product will be paperless.

a. This company's PlantLove lipstick comes in a tube made of a corn-based polymer.
b. One ear of corn makes 12 tubes.
c. These tubes can be biodegraded in just 47 days.
d. The lipsticks are made of meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba and shea butter.
e. It does not contain any mineral oils or petroleums based ingredient
f. The packaging has wildflower seeds that can be planted by the consumer.
g. $2 from the sale of each lipstick is donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

a. The new stores of this chain will be done up with low-emission paints, low-energy lighting, live plants, poured concrete sinks and wood.
b. Older stores will be upgraded to this.