So far analyzing one's skin and its needs was done in a dermatologists office, however with the advancement of technology many cosmetic stores are offering free skin analysis and skin care recommendations in their stores itself.

Now, the 'skin physical' machine is being offered in Sephora's 12 nationwide stores. skinphysical™ is the first commercially available machine to test the skin for damage.

Highlights of skinphysical™
a. The skinphysical™ takes a photo of the skin and analyzes many things such as hydration, elasticity and as well underlying damage.
b. The results show what's missing in skin care and allow one to take proper skin care.
d. The skin test in Sephora is being offered at no cost to its customers.

Vichy line from L'Oreal has also these kind of machines in CVS stores in California and Chicago. Proctor and Gamble is also planning to release a SIAscope skin scanning device to measure skin damage. TruVU is another similar system offered by Johnson & Johnson to help find invisible skin problems.