In recent days, cosmetic skin care lines are being offered in spas, salons, gyms and malls. Many customers are now being offered the choice to buy cosmetics manufactured by big skin care companies, aestheticians, biologists & dermatologists. The cosmetics market has become profitable for many segments, which previously catered to offering only specific services, such as spa services, skin care etc.

Remergent Skin Care Product line
a. Developed by Dr.Daniel B.Yarosh who is a specialist in a molecular biology.
b. DNA Repair formula, is one of its anti-aging serum that cures skin damaged due to over exposure to sun and environmental factors.
c. The product line activates healing and prevents skin cell dysfunction.
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Skin Care products of Kimberly Sayer of London
a. The organic product line has been developed by aesthetician Kimberly Sayer of London.
b. Ingredients used are soy, sea algae, Ugandan shea butter. Sayer uses Pseudo collagen a plant derived yeast for making anti-aging skin care products.
c. The above ingredients aid skin achieve firmer, young looking skin.
d. Celebrity clients include Paula Abdul, Shalom Harlow and Whitney Houston
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N.V.Perricone M.D.Cosmeceuticals
a. N.V.Perricone is one of the top 6 skin professional skin care brands in US.
b. The product line is from board certified clinical research dermatologist, Nicholas Perricone, who specializes in lowering aging signs in skin.
c. His product line are sold on his website and renowned for increasing skin's suppleness and overall tone.
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Murad, Dermalogica
a. Murad Dermalogica developed by dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad in the 90’s
b. Dr. Murad has approximately 50,000 patients and has capitalized on this market by introducing a skin care line.
c. The company prescribes products to patients after the patients answer an detailed online evaluation.
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