high-priced-skin-creams.jpg Big name cosmetic companies are now coming out with high priced face creams, with the promise of eliminating aging signs on face. The average prices of these premium cosmetic product line ranges from $150 to $750. Despite the prohibitive exorbitant prices the products sales of these upscale anti-aging products are surging. Many skin care experts are surprised to the fact that there are no clinical studies that have established the efficacy of these products. But baby boomers are on the look out for face creams that they believe to work and don’t mind paying exorbitant prices.

Products Review
a. Chantecaille Beauté’s Biodynamic lifting cream: Relaxes facial muscles, eliminates folds and wrinkles on face. The cream is priced at $295 for 1.7 ounces.
b. Orlane Paris’s Global Anti-aging System: The products basic ingredient is soybean cuticle extract and on usage it helps body produce more protein which arrests aging. The anti-aging system is priced at $750 for 1.3 ounce bottle.
c. Orlane’s Hypnotherapy Skin cream made from oil extract of Arctic Cranberries. The skin cream is priced at $470 for 1.7 ounce bottle.
d. Kanebo’s Sensai Premier-eye cream: Possesses Koishimaru silk extract that stimulates skin to produce more hyaluronic acid. The eye cream is priced at $320 for 0.5 ounces.
e. Natura Bisse’s Diamond Extreme face cream, is priced at $300.
f. La Prairie’s skin caviar intensive ampoule treatmentline: Its newly introduced, skin serum contains gold particles. The caviar line is priced at $525.
g. Dior’s L’Or de Vie serum made from ingredients such as Sauvignon grapevine. The skin serum is priced at $350 for 1-ounce bottle.
h. Crème de la Mer was initially only offered for celebrity clientèle. The cream is priced at $1200 for 16. 5-ounce product.