cosmetics-restrictions-diet.jpg With many beauty products flooding the market, this comes as a whiff of fresh air. In a new move, some dermatologists are advocating a new way of looking beautiful. Instead, they stress on the importance of diet and a change in lifestyle habits as a part of cosmetic makeover. This has come to be known as the Cosmetics Restriction Diet.

Program Highlights
a. Dermatologists are advising patients to reduce the cosmetic clutter in their bathrooms and throw away un-necessary beauty products.
b. The stress is on cleaning, protection and moisturizing so the only recommended products are are a cleanser, a soap and a sunscreen.
c. If there are any skin problems, then a prescribed cream is recommended.
d. In a recent consumer report its proved that ost cosmetics are not tested clinically and there is very little difference between cheap and expensive beauty products.
f. Doctors are advising patients to focus on hygiene and eating well.
g. Doctors practicing Cosmetic restriction diet are Dr. Fran E. Cook-Bolden, a dermatologist in Manhattan, Dr. Sarah Boyce Sawyer, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham , Dr. Diane C. Madfes, a clinical instructor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine among many others.