Makeup is a must for most women. Since these products are quite expensive, most women have the tendency to use the same product till it lasts without considering the date when they first opened the product. But old makeup could lead to serious health problems, doctors say. Since these products rarely have any expiry date printed on them, experts advice that one should go by the date when the product was opened.

Associated Risks
a. Eye make ups and liquid foundations last for about 3 months.
b. Powders and foundations that have been left open for a year or so should be avoided.
c. Once these make up products are opened the preservatives slowly degenerate and this leads to the formation of bacteria which causes infection.
d. Make up applicators like sponges should be replaced at least once a week.
e. Lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms should never be shared as this could lead to viruses being passed from one person to the other.
f. Unusual smell coming out of any make up product means that it has gone bad.
g. Use of old makeup can cause peri-oral dermatitis, which leads to little red skin eruptions that resemble acne.
h. The herpes virus can be passed through lipsticks and lip balms.