Cosmetic companies are looking forward to extend the benefit of cosmetics from merely attaining good appearance to serve the purpose of good health. Thus cosmetic giants are mixing dietary supplements, nutrients into cosmetics that are beneficial to health. An independent survey has found that each woman eats 2-4 pounds of lip-gloss in their lifetime. With the results of the survey, many cosmetic companies opine that the addition of nutrients that possess anti-aging properties in lipsticks can help. But experts have described the current move of cosmetic company’s as a mere marketing gimmick. Ignoring all this few of the companies have entered to market to cash on this emerging trend. To mention, few of such companies….

a. Intelligent Nutrients has come out with multifunction aromatics, which can be used as
fragrance and flavoring food. The plans are afoot to add food organic ingredients to its lotions, toothpastes etc. The price of the aromatics range from $30 to $45
b. Tarte Cosmetics of New York has partnered with a California based nutraceutical company Borba to develop pomegranate-scented lip-gloss. The product is made of green tea, grape seed and iychee. It moisturizes skin other than doing as a cosmetic product.