The world of cosmetics will never be the same again, now that makeovers have gone virtual. DailyMakeover, a leader in virtual reality try-on technology, has introduced the next generation of its virtual makeover application, Makeover Studio, the traditional methods are bound to be disrupted. This tool can be used on Daily Makeover’s standalone site and is licensed to more than 60 beauty brands, including Avon and Mary Kay, and web media publishers.

Highlights of the Makeover Studio
a. Women are required to upload a picture of themselves on the site.
b. One the picture is uploaded, her face is instantly traced facial recognition technology.
c. This helps in the different application techniques such as a smoky eye shadow effect or a blush technique can be superimposed on her face in the correct area.
d. One can choose specific brands of makeup in all shades and styles on the site.
e. One can also try on different brands of products in each genre of makeup.
f. The new version of Makeover Studio has new rendering functionality, visualization technology and face-tracing capabilities.
g. It also has a more expansive list of makeup finishes, including satin, matte, metallic, shimmer, stained, dewy, sheer, and glossy.
h. An added option is the ability to adjust the placement and coverage levels of foundations, concealers, lip colors, eye shadows, mascara, and blush.
i. One can easily differentiate between a lengthening mascara and a thickening mascara or determine how glossy a lipgloss is compared to a lipstick with this tool.
j. This tool encompasses advanced virtual makeover features in the industry, which make the online experience more like a department store beauty counter experience.
k. To start your makeover click here