clarisonic-skin-care-brush.jpg Caring for the skin requires time, dedication and a routine. Though some people are particular, there are others who have an ambivalent attitude towards it. This is mostly due to lack of time. Now, Pacific Bioscience Laboratories Inc. has come up with the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush to help people with their skin care routine. This product has been clinically tested and is not at all abrasive. The Clarisonic brush uses “sonic oscillation" technology to cleanse the face.

Product Highlights
a. It is a hand-held device that runs on a rechargeable battery.
b. It deep cleanses the face, reduces wrinkles and pores.
c. The kit contains a Clarisonic facial cleanser and a 12 page user guide.
d. There is a timer to warn you if you use it for too long on one part of the face.
e. It is extremely effective and makes the skin soft and smooth.
f. It should be used every day for maximum benefit but one should not overdo it either.
g. The cost of the Clarisonic skin care brush is $195 and to buy click here.
h. The Clarisonic skin care brush is suitable for all skin types.