We live in an age where youth is worshiped. So it is no wonder that people are willing to submit themselves to painful procedures and techniques like surgery and injected fillers to maintain youth. One such product offering collagen replacement therapy is Alta Care Laboratories, Paris. The Dermastir cosmetic collagen serums offer an easy and painless option which involves the application of collagen on the skin. Their new Dermastir cosmetic collagen serums range contains highly active and concentrated ingredients which gives excellent results.

a. There are 29 products in this range, to see the full line of serum products - click here
b. Each product has one active and concentrated ingredient.
c. Customers have the option of choosing from a variety of treatments.
d. The serums are to be massaged into the skin till it disappears.
e. This product range consists of exfoliators, anti-wrinkle treatments, serums for the eyes and lips, skin re mineralization treatments, moisturizers, skin purifiers, skin regeneration and hair care treatment among others.
f. The products are stored in airless ampoules.
g. Each ampoule is for one application only.
h. The product should be used immediately after breaking open the tip of the ampoule.
i. A person needs to apply on ampoule only once in three days.