Dry eyes are common among menopausal women since their body's hormones decrease at this age. The condition is also common among women who take birth control pills. It is a known fact that testosterone supplement can restore eye moisture but it has some serious side effects. Now, optometrist Charles Conner from the Southern College of Optometry has developed a cream with testosterone with a unique delivery method. He has won the patent for this cream along with Peoples Pharmacy who helped him in developing this product.

Cream Highlights
a. This cream contains 3 per cent testosterone.
b. The hormone is suspended in the cream.
c. Patients are supposed to rub this cream above their eyes twice a day.
d. This ensures that the testosterone goes straight to the tear producing gland behind the eyes.
e. This cream can also be used to treat vaginal dryness.
f. It is also capable of reducing wrinkles around the eyes.
g. Argentis, LLC, a Memphis-based biomedical company will market the dry eye cream
h. The cream will be submitted for FDA review later this year.
i. The technical working name for the cream is T4DE