wine-based-skin-care-products.jpg A new line of skin care product line have been created by Dr. Richard Mauer, an ophthalmologist. These new skin care products called 'd'vine' have ingredients extracted from grapes and wine. The skin care line includes 40 different products and are meant for both men and women. It is said that as the grapes and wine are the rich sources of anti-oxidants, the components in this line of products will effectively fight aging signs. The line includes moisturizers, masks, mists, eye creams and cleansers with the wine-themed names like Petite Sirah Cleanser, Zinfandel Scrub, Chardonnay Gel and Riesling Serum. Though the products have been launched, experts say that they have not been thoroughly tested and it is now available only in Iowa at Mauer's Eye Center in Waterloo. The price range of the 'd'vine' cosmetics are $40 to $92.