dyg-mineral-makeup-anti-agi.jpg La Jolla Spa MD, Dianne, a former model has developed the DYG Mineral Makeup product line. The Mineral Makeup line is considered to be the top of the line age-reducing solution in cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic Line Features

a. DYG Mineral Makeup line has wide range of products to cater to multitude of your aesthetic needs.
b. The product line is of top quality, with anti-bacterial ingredients along with vitamins and anti-oxidants to make a youth glow of skin. .
c. The hypoallergenic cosmetics are dermatologist choice that condition the skin without clogging pores.
d. The DYG Mineral Makeup diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
e. The products also shield the skin from Sun's harmful UV radiation.
f. For more information on this visit the website www.dygcosmetics.com or call 858-459-6868.
g. The make up line products range from $16 to $48