Almost all cosmetic companies use non-biodegradable compounds in their cosmetics. These non-biodegradable pollutants enter the environment, which in turn enters food chain, threatening existence of Earth’s species. In the light of above-mentioned hard environmental facts, L’Oreal has developed an Eco-friendly, anti-aging product, derived from a molecule called Pro-Xylane. The manufacture of the Pro-Xylane based anti aging products does not result in any damage to environment.

What makes it Pro-Xylane based skin care products environment friendly?
a. The production process is completed in 2-steps. To avoid environmental damage, water is used as the solvent.
b. Process is energy efficient and has most efficient waste disposal system.
c. Pro-Xylane is biodegradable and is manufactured strictly adhering to environment safety principles. To ensure its environment safety, an eco-toxicity test is conducted.
d. The molecule Pro-Xylane is made of natural ingredient xylose, sugar of beech tree. It improves skin matrix, tone and texture and is found to very useful for aging skins, of women over 50.
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