Generally, mass-marketed anti-ageing creams are not subjected to rigorous tests and trials. Cosmetics are also exempt from regulation as they do not claim to have any effect on the body. However, now consultant dermatologist Professor Chris Griffiths, from the University of Manchester, is conducting a clinical trial on Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum following positive laboratory reports. This is the first scientific randomized, controlled clinical trial ever held on a cosmetic product.

Highlights of the clinical trial
a. This trial was launched after laboratory tests found it to be more effective in repairing photo damaged skin than other expensive creams.
b. The laboratory tests also showed that it was effective in reversing the signs of aging.
c. The trial was conducted on 60 women.
d. 30 women have been using the serum.
e. 30 others were given a placebo designed to look, smell and feel like the real thing.
f. The results are still being analyzed.
g. However, there is no proof as yet if this cream improves overall appearance.

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