Ceramide-Gold-Restorative-Capsules.jpg There is now is a new intensive treatment for the face and throat. Elizabeth Arden has developed the Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules Intensive Treatment for Face and Throat. This product helps in fighting the ravages of time on the skin.

Product Benefits
a. There are potent single dose capsules based on the innovative CLX Complex.
b. It contains Ceramides and essential lipids.
c. It is a highly effective anti-aging product.
d. It improves skin tone, texture and clarity.
e. It rejuvenates and stimulates collagen.
f. It makes the skin firm and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
g. It gives the skin an smooth and radiant look.
h. It does not contain any fragrance, preservative or emulsifier.
i. Each capsule contains a powerful single dose.

How to use
Spread on face and neck after cleaning the area. Apply moisturizer immediately after.

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