emjoi-colorjoi-home-hair-root-coloring-system.jpg Emjoi, Inc. has come out with new hair coloring system called Emjoi Colorjoi. It is professional hair, root-coloring system. It does away all the problems associated with using bottled color, like wastage of product, etc.

Product Review
a. With the Emjoi Colorjoi the hair coloring brush, results of professional salon can be achieved at home.
b. Hair color can be applied directly to the roots thereby giving the best hair coloring results that last very long.
c. Emjoi Colorjoi eliminates hassles of filling bottles and all other coloring work.
d. Works well with any of the permanent or semi-permanent hair color of your choice.
e. The brush is battery operated and easy to use, even on the back of the head.
f. Emjoi Colorjoi costs $79.95, to buy click here