The latest trend of anti-aging creams are those which apparently clone a person's skin and create new young cells. If this is true, then women need no longer search for that elusively perfect anti-aging procedure. They will be spared the pain of going under a surgeon's scalpel and other painful anti-aging procedures. To maintain youth, all they will have to do is apply a cream on their face. ReVive's Peau Magnifique and StriVectin's Amatokin promises just that. However, some experts voice their concern over these products and say that it could lead to possible serious side effects. Apparently, though these products are being sold in the market, testing is still going on.

Highlights of Amatokin
a. It is currently available in France.
b. A 30 ml jar costs about £130.
c. It stimulates the skin's stem cells to regenerate.
d. It reduces wrinkles and corrects skin problems due to photo-aging.
e. It consists of the telomerase protein which has the same effects as laser rejuvenation.
f. It is available only through Sephora in France.
g. It will be introduced in the US market in April by Bloomingdales.
h. Negotiations are on to distribute it in Britain through Harvey Nichols.
i. It was originally intended for treatment of burns patients.

Highlights of Peau Magnifique
a. It reverses the aging process by at least 5 years.
b. It uses the telomerase protein. It makes the skin radiant, smooth and vibrant.
c. It improves skin tone and reduces redness and inflammation.
d. It stimulates the production of new skin cells.
e. It reduces wrinkles by 45 per cent and results in longer skin clarity.
f. It is suitable for all skin types.
g. For best results, it should be continuously used twice a day.
h. Peau Magnifique costs $1,500.00 to buy click here