skin-lightening-creams.jpg The FDA has proposed to ban all OTC sales of skin-lightening products. The ingredients of these skin lightening creams have found to cause cancer in some studies. Earlier Japan and Africa have banned the products containing hydroquinone, since it causes ochronosis, a condition that darkens and thickens the skin. The FDA has taken the disastrous results into account like permanent disfigurement in those who used the products containing hydroquinone to propose the ban on these creams. However some dermatologists oppose the ban saying that the FDA is overreacting on this issue.

Product History
a. There are more than 65 companies which sell 200 plus skin lightening products containing hydroquinone.
b. Many skin lightening products sold over the counter have 2% hydroquinone and the ones sold with prescription have 4% hydroquinone.
c. In 1990's FDA has issued a ban on skin lightening creams containing ammoniated mercury.
d. The cost of Skin lightening creams range from $10 to $30 depending on the brand.