A person suffering from cancer goes through a traumatic period. Besides dealing with the very thought of this disease, one also has to deal with all the side effects of therapy. Loss of weight, loss of hair and yellow nails are just some of the physical sings of cancer therapy. All this can destroy a person's self confidence. Now, thanks to the American Cancer Society program ''Look Good . . . Feel Better', cancer patients can now learn how to live with the changes in their appearance due to the disease.

Program Highlights
a. This is a month long program and has been incorporated 5 years ago. .
b. It teaches cancer patients to deal with dry skin, discolored nails and other chemotherapy related problems.
c. The program helps patients to think positive and helps them boost their morale.
d. It gives tips on what products to avoid and other precautionary methods.
e. Participants are given a complimentary bag of cleansers, moisturizers, foundations, eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras and blushers.
f. The program offers tips on how to wear make up and wear the right clothes to conceal loss of hair and other physical effects.