tns-recovery-complex-fore-skin-skin-cream.jpg Different beauty products companies have used different ingredients to make their product the best one. Now it is the turn of the human foreskin to join the list of ingredients being used in such products. Suddenly, the foreskin fibroblasts have turned into big business. Foreskin fibroblast has been used earlier for growing skin for burn victims, in eyelid replacement procedures, for growing skin for those with diabetic ulcers and making creams and collagens in the cosmetics industry). It is often seen as a better alternative to testing cosmetic products on animals though it does raise ethical questions about the value of human skin. Foreskin fibroplast is now being used in SkinMedica, a new facial cream promoted by Oprah Winfrey.

Product Review
a. This face cream is made from foreskin fibroplasts.
b. A fibroblast is a piece of human skin that is used as a culture to grow other skin or cells.
c. SkinMedica products costs more than $100 US for a 63 oz bottle.
d. Many claim that the SkinMedical product is an alternative to cosmetic surgery and is being favored by a rich and famous clientèle.
e. It is supposed to boost collagen production and can rejuvenate skin.
f. This is a controversial product and many are concerned about the ethical aspect of using this product.
g. The cream does not contain any actual human tissue but only the growth hormone left over from growing artificial skin.
h. One foreskin can cost as much as $100,000 and to buy foreskin fibroblasts offered by The Coriell Institute for $85 - click here