frownies-facial-pads.jpg In 1889, Margaret Kroesen discovered the Wrinkle Eradicator to help her daughter get rid of her frown lines. Now, after more than a century the fifth generation women of the Kroesen household takes charge of the growing business which was till recently a well kept secret among the celebrities of Hollywood and Broadway. Now though this product has been rechristened Frownies, the formula is still the one used 118 years ago.

Highlights of Frownies Facial Patches
a. It contains natural ingredients and is approved by dermatologists.
b. It trains the facial muscles to stay in place.
c. It makes the skin tighter and younger.
d. It gives the user a smooth skin.
e. It reduces photo damage and makes the skin radiant.
f. Results are visible after a month of regular use.
g. There is a money back guarantee within 40 days of purchase.
h. For best results, it should be used every night for 30 days and then 3 to 4 days a week.

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