The cosmetics industry is endeavoring to produce more and more natural products that are gentle on the skin. But this is easier said than done. Harsh preservatives and dyes are often used in beauty products and this irritates the skin. Now Japan's 24 year old HABA Laboratories Inc., has come up with additive free cosmetics which is available in the US since 2005. Most of their skin care products, priced between $13 to $60, are natural cosmetics that contain shark liver oil, which is supposed to make the skin youthful. The company combines shark liver oil with vitamin C in 'Fair Lady' to lighten age spots and with 'Q10' to reduce wrinkles.

Product Review
a. Its factory is in Hokkaido, where the fresh air and natural environment acts as inspiration for manufacturing reliable and quality products
b. This company has developed a unique formula for their products by using ingredients with antibacterial properties.
c. The production environment is controlled according to the standards used by the pharmaceutical industry,
d. There is rigorous quality checking procedures for finished products.
e. The HABA factory is known commonly as a "Garden Factory".
f. It has a well-staffed nursery and spacious dining room and a comfortable, stress-free working environment.
g. They are into development, manufacturing and sales of natural cosmetics, quasi-drugs and nutritional supplements.
h. HABA products do not contain paraben, mineral oil, fragrances, chemically synthesized tar colorings or petrochemical surfactants that may lead to skin irritation.
i. The price range of HABA cosmetics is around $12 - $40 and to buy click here