idebenone.jpg Research studies have shown that Idebenone (molecule using anti-oxidant technology ATA) would be a promising remedy to maintain youth and arrest aging. Aging happens primarily due to genetic and environmental stress. Genetics control a person's life span and environmental damage is caused by varied factors like smoking, UV exposure, diet, lack of physical activity, stress levels and air pollution. Idebenone is one compound which helps block and repair oxidative stress damages.

Supplement Highlights

a. Idebenone is an anti-oxidant, compound with remarkable property of eliminating oxidative stress, which causes premature aging.
b. Idebenone provides highest Environmental Protection Factor (EPF) a measurement of anti oxidant performance, with an EPF of 95, which is higher over that of vitamin C and E, co-enzyme Q10, kinetin and alpha lipoic acid.
c. Clinical trials have shown that Idebenone helps improve appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and photo damaged skin.
d. Idebenone is a patented bioengineered product which has been used over the years to treat age related disorders, Alzhemier's and heart disease.