intercytex-cell-therapy-products.gif A British company, licensed by the Human Tissue Authority, has emerged as the pioneers of development of new cell therapies in aesthetic medicine and tissue repair. Intercytex has 4 products in various stages of development. The company is hopeful that the products will be ready for the market from 2007 itself.

Product Highlights
a. The products are being developed using the science of cell therapy.
b. These products will stimulate cellular regeneration to repair the body.
c. This company is, at present, developing 4 products.
d. The ICX-PRO is designed to repair chronic wounds.
e. Vavelta is a facial rejuvenation product.
f. ICX-SKN will aid in durable and robust skin replacement process.
g. ICX-TRC is a hair regeneration product.
h. All these products are in different trial phases.
i. These products are derived from unmodified human cells.