There is good news for women seeking eternal youth. In February 2007, a new cream will flood the market, which claims to work incredibly fast in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Innovative Skincare has developed the new iS CLINICAL(R) Youth Complex by using their trademark ingredient iNNOVASE. This product not only corrects but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Product Features
a. This cream reduces wrinkles instantly and rebuilds the skin from within.
b. The results are very fast and this cream has long-term effects.
c. Clinical trials showed that there was improvement in wrinkle reduction, texture and firmness after one hour of application in 97 per cent of the subjects under study.
d. This cream consists of unique and clinically advanced bio-complex that combines natural hydrators, botanical antioxidants and bio-identical growth factors.
e. It prevents DNA damage and optimizes cellular metabolism.
f. It is easy to apply.
g. It has a triple-action formula that contains dehydrated hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate the skin.
h. These natural hydrators act like mini sponges and absorb and expand by soaking up the skin's natural moisture loss and plump the wrinkle from within.
i. The bio-nutrients in the cream support the newly raised wrinkle by making the barrier between the epidermis and dermis strong.
j. The bio-identical growth factors and reparative botanicals help rebuild collagen and elastin in the skin's deepest layers.
k. iS Clinical youth complex costs $135.
l. It is available only through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, cosmetic physicians and medical estheticians.