Taking a bath can be a therapeutic experience. Add some fun to it and it can be a wholesome experience. Bath salts, shampoos and gels are all there in the market. Thymes, Ahava bathing salts and various bath fizzies have always been popular. But thanks to JellyBath, bathing gets a whole new dimension. JellyBath was introduced in the market towards the end of 2006 and more and more people are now queuing up for it. The JellyBath is full of collagen, and it turns the bath water into a fluffy jelly offering therapeutic benefits.

Product Benefits
a. It contains collagen and is good for the skin.
b. It makes the bath water wonderfully jelly like and gooey.
c. It relaxes tired muscles.
d. There are several fragrances to choose from.
e. It prevents the bath water from becoming cold fast.
f. A box of JellyBath costs $24.99
g. JellyBath can be used for pedicures and also full baths.
h. To buy JellyBath click here