roc-complete-lift.jpg According to the Advertising Standards Authority, there is no evidence that popular skin creams have the ability to reduce wrinkles. They have ruled that the sales pitch of Johnson & Johnson's for the RoC Complete Lift was not supported by "robust science". This ruling followed the company's claim that a 2 month clinical study proved its products ability to give middle-aged women young-looking skin.

Highlights of the ruling
a. According to an independent expert, the study's methodology was flawed as it did not use objective measures, records and corroborating photography.
b. The study was also carried out by a Johnson & Johnson employee, which indicates that the results might be biased.
c. The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the advertisement and warned Johnson & Johnson to consult the Committee of Advertising Practice before advertising again.
d. Consumers have apparently complained after noticing another statement in the small print that the product did not give a "physical lift".
e. Johnson & Johnson has defended itself by saying that research proved the ability of the product to give a "measurable lift" as long as people used the product.

Cost of the product
£17.99 for a 50ml tub