These days there are many counterfeit products related to aesthetic and health care, making their way into the market. These phony products are being touted as great products with special ingredients and will give instant relief from the problems you are suffering. These bogus
products are entering the market without clinical trails and being marketed through the infomercials to fool the public and are raking in millions of dollars. Eventually, there will be no cure by using these phony products and instead you will lose money and sometimes health as

Fake products identified in the market
a. The pill "Moisturol" is supposed to keep skin moist & smooth, however Dateline NBC has revealed that the pill was filled with Nestlé's Quik, the chocolate powder used in milk.
b. "Q-Ray ionized bracelet" which failed to relieve sciatic pain, head ache.
c. "Coral Calcium Supreme" is a fake dietary supplement made from Japanese marine coral, however the manufacturer's claimed that the supplement provided the same amout of calcium as two gallons of milk and could be absorbed into the body faster, cure cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, lupus and other illnesses.
d. "Biotape" adhesive strip claimed to provide permanent relief from severe pain, including back pain, pain from arthritis, sciatica and migraines.
d. "Omexin" a bogus baldness cure.
e. "The Anushka Bio-response body contouring program" which claimed to reduce cellulite.
f. The "Blue Stuff" and "Super Blue Stuff" which claimed to relieve nerve pain, pain caused from crushed vertebrae and pain due to brain tumor.

Each of the manufacturers didn't bother to run clinical trials but have spent thousands of dollars on infomercial videos and have paid celebrities to endorse their products. Some marketers thought that all they needed to market their products was "somebody in a white coat" to make it appear as though their product has been scientifically endorsed by these doctors. So you have to be very careful, while you are going for those medications without proper prescription.