Single eye lids can be a real problem. This is common among Asians and the problem is highlighted when one tries to apply eye make-up because the crease is missing. This is why double eye lid surgeries are gaining popularity. However, this can be a scary and expensive option since it costs about $3,500. Therefore, it is a great relief that Koji, a Japanese brand specializing in eye and nail products, discovered the eye tape that can create a crease on the eye lids giving the impression of double eye lids.

Product Features
a. It is a thin tape shaped to fit into the contours of the eye.
b. One can stick it to the top of the lids for a double eye lid effect.
c. Applying this tape is easy and it does not peel off easily.
d. It makes the eye lids look thick
e. It costs just $2 to buy click here
f. It is a cheaper alternative to surgery.
g. It can work as a quick fix solution.
h. The end result is not very perfect at times as the tape is slightly visible from the side and front.
i. Despite this, it is still popular with people having single eye lids and is a sensible substitute for surgery.