la-prairie-cellular-nurturing-complex-anti-redness-cream.jpg Two new products have been launched by Swiss skincare brand La Prairie, to alleviate post-procedure redness or tightness. Usually after cosmetic procedures like facelift, chemical peels or line-filling injections, there will be redness or the feeling of tightness on the face. To keep them away La Prairie has released Cellular Nurturing Complex Anti Redness, £155 and Cellular Nurturing Cream Anti Redness, £125.

Major Benefits
a. La Prairie cellular nurturing complex anti redness contains prunella vulgaris extract which gives relief to extra-stressed parts of the face. This complex consists of an all-over serum and a balm.
b. The cream with the ingredients soybean and apple extracts will improve collagen levels.
c. These products will be available from Monday at La