lip-gloss.jpg Here are some lip gloss products to make your lips look shiny and smooth.

a. Estee Lauder Coral High Gloss, comes in a creamy formula and is priced at $16 (15ml). It does not let you fell heavy and sticky.
b. Clinique Miss Hibiscus Colour Surge ($14.50), a pale raspberry in color looks light on your mouth. The slanted applicator makes it is to use.
c. For fuller shine and thick look Bobbi Brown Spun Gold Shimmer Lip Gloss ($19 for 4.2ml) is a great product and comes in golden bronze color with vanilla smell.
d. M.A.C Fulfilled Plushglass ($17.50) with soybean and licorice extracts will improve collagen production to give the look of fuller lips and Lemon oil will give a cooling sensation.
e. Elizabeth Arden Bohemian Bronze Double Intrigue Lipcolor ($21 for 6.5ml) includes a lipstick and a lipgloss on either side of the tube.