Cosmeceuticals are gaining ground in the US market. More and more cosmetic companies are developing products to help the needs of the aging population. The anti aging industry now realizes that to look young it is better to prevent and repair damage rather than just gloss over the wrinkles and lines. Now, Dr. Yossi Levy, Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at Ben Gurion University, Israel, is education women on the benefits of oral consumption of carotenoids from tomato. LycoRed is a biotechnology company offering carotenoids products in the US.

Product benefits
a. LycoRed offers natural carotenoids products. Lyc-O-Mato® contains natural extract of red ripe tomatoes containing lycopene and other natural ingredients.
b. The cosmeceuticals help the skin look younger and radiant look, and helps prevent DNA damage.
c. It promotes cardiovascular and prostate health.
d. Carotenoids found in tomatoes shield the skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.
e. It can reduce redness of skin that is associated with UV rays.
f. It improves skin density and thickness.