Micro encapsulation company Tagra Biotechnologies has developed a system of delivering vitamins straight to the skins of customers.Their micro encapsulation system delivers active materials via cosmetics to the skin when they are needed.

Technology Highlights
a. These are tiny capsules capable of containing natural or chemical substances like vitamins, evening primrose oil, tea tree oil, retinol or hippophae oil (sea buckthorn).
b. These can be added to any kind of cream or gel.
c. These capsules burst only when they are rubbed.
d. The contents are delivered to the skin in a controlled manner.
e. The technology allows companies to add beneficial but unpleasant substances to cosmetics easily.
f. The vitamins remain stable in the capsule till application time.
g. The micro encapsulation technology can be used across multiple industries including dental, pharmaceutic and skin care.