lumedia-facial-brightener.jpg If things go as believed, the New Facial Brighteners ( not age-spot removing creams ), may replace the existing anti-wrinkle creams. The new generation Facial Brighteners are set to brighten skin all over the face. Cosmetic company Bremenn Research Labs have come out with Lumedia Facial Brightener, a new generation skin care product.

Product Features

a. Facial Brighteners are made to improve skin color and brightness.
b. It covers up wrinkles and fine lines, making it invisible.
c. Unlike botox or anti wrinkle creams which only eliminate wrinkles, facial brighteners make the skin appear fresh, radiant and glow with youthful look.
d. Facial brighteners help reduce the use of makeup and other concelers.
e. 3 months supply of Lumedia Facial Brightener, costs $90.
f. It can be purchased directly at