Sunscreen, protective hats, sunglasses, long sleeved clothes and staying out of the sun during peak hours is a must for all. But if one forgets to take adequate protection, there is help at hand. AGI Dermatics has developed a morning after sunburn cream that can be used in emergencies. Named Dimercine, this cream is basically a DNA based repair lotion.

Highlights of Dimericine
a. This is a biotech skin repair lotion.
b. This is an emergency sunburn cream.
c. It can be applied the next morning following a sunburn.
d. It repairs some of the skin as a result of sunburn.
e. It is still pending FDA approval.
f. It can apparently also bring down the risk of some skin cancers.
g. It might also be helpful in treating patients of skin cancer.
h. It is currently undergoing clinical trials.
i. Earlier trials have been highly positive.

a. It is not a magic cream that negates all the effects of sunburn.
b. Sun safety rules should still be followed.
c. The risk of skin cancers caused by sun exposure is still there but at a lesser degree.