With the growing popularity of POMWONDERFUL, the first pomegranate drink, many people are noticing the health benefits of including Pomegranate in their daily diet. Pomegranate Health is a new skin care line launched which is making use of the natural pomegranate extracts in their skin care products.

Pomergranate health skin care line
a. All the skin care products are designed using scientific approach.
b. These products are said to be full of anti-oxidants, conjugated fatty acids, and other skin nutrients.
c. The products will effectively benefit your skin to the maximum extent.
d. Pomegranate health has come up with Face cleaners, Moisturizing lotions, Hand Scrubs and Anti Aging products in their skin care line.
e. To buy Pomegranate health skin care line visit their website www.pomhealth.com
f. Pomegranate health also offers Pomegranate dietary supplements, which offer a multitude of health benefits.