body-back-2-1-body-scrub.jpg California based Noixia, has come out with new improved version of the Body Back-2-1 (for acne & scarring). The earlier Body Back-2-1 released in February 2006, is reformulated, after taking note of customers remarks, traced through a survey.

Treatment Highlights
a. Unlike the earlier version of the product, the new reformulated Body Back-2-1 can be applied with hands, quickly and saves time.
b. The new Body Back-2-1 can be applied just once a day.
c. The product is proven to be effective by 40% than its earlier version, with less irritation to skin.
d. The combination of skin softening ingredient lactic acid and natural exfoliating agent ground walnut makes it to penetrate into skin, thus healing the acne scars.
e. It eliminates all the signs of acne scarring such as rough, dead scar tissue, skin discolorations.
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g. The Body Back-2-1 is priced at $79.95 for a 12 oz bottle.