Omega Derm, is a a new skin care product made completely from botanical ingredients. Susan Reyes, a California-based research and cosmetic scientist has developed this product. FDA has approved the product base that makes up the Omega Derm. Omega Derm is a 3 step formulation which helps in exfoliating, skin toning and restoring the skin.

Product Review
a. Omega Derm can be used for exfoliating, cleansing, toning, reviving and restoring the skin.
b. Omega Derm makes the skin look young and smooth.
c. The product clears blemishes, removes wrinkles and fine lines and nourishes the skin.
d. Omega Derm is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance free.
e. It can be applied for all types of skin (dry or oily).
f. The cost of Omega Derm is $20 for a travel kit and $59.95 for a regular kit
g. To purchase Omega Derm one can call 740-687-8600