remergent-dna-repair-formula.jpg The California WellBeing Institute (CWI) has launched the Remergent brand as their new skin care line. This progressive brand uses the DNA repair formula and supports the institutes approach towards overall health. Besides providing a revolutionary product, CWI also provides an amazing experience in their clinic and spa that covers 20 acres of land and has elegant workshop rooms, a healthy-eating demonstration kitchen and a fully-equipped fitness center.

Product Features
a. The Remergent brand is an 8-product line based on the DNA repair formula.
b. It compliments the California Wellbeing Institutes's approach towards health and wellbeing.
c. The Remergent brand is developed by research backed by more than 20 years by experts in molecular biology.
d. Remergent products help the skin in retaining moisture, help increase oxygen supply to the skin, aid in reducing pigmentation spots and discolorations of the skin.
e. The recommended usage is twice a day for maximum benefits.